Can You Really Be Allergic to Your Own Semen

An orgasm is supposed to be a pleasurable sensation – not one that’s followed by fatigue, chills and muscle pain. But for men who suffer from post-orgasmic illness syndrome, there’s a price to pay for that few seconds of enjoyment. Men with this rarely recognized condition develop flu-like symptoms within seconds to hours after an ejaculation. Needless to say, post-orgasmic illness syndrome could put a strain on a marriage – but scientists now believe they’ve unlocked the cause. Men with this syndrome are allergic to semen – their own.

How Is Common It?

No one knows how common this condition is. Men are understandably hesitant to seek medical attention for this problem. Some may not even realize there’s a link between ejaculation and their flu-like symptoms. In addition to a flu-like syndrome, some men experience allergy-type symptoms and mental problems including irritability, anxiety, depression or cognitive issues after an ejaculation. Experts once speculated this condition was related to a hormone imbalance, but new research points in another direction.

Is It Caused By an Allergy to Semen?

When researchers at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands skin-tested 45 Dutch men with this syndrome, 88% had a positive allergy skin test to their own semen. Intrigued by the results, the researchers gave some of these men sequential injections of their own semen in gradually more concentrated amounts over several years to induce tolerance. This is similar to allergen immunotherapy allergists use to treat other types of allergies. The injections worked well. They reported significant improvement in their flu-like symptoms after completing this allergy treatment.

How Big is the Problem?

This condition has received little attention until now and wasn’t even recognized as a medical problem until early 2000. But with some experts estimating that up to one in a hundred men suffers from this allergy to semen; it’s garnering more research focus.

Can allergy injections help men suffering from this problem? Larger studies are needed, but it looks promising. Hopefully, this study will encourage men to come forward and seek help for this perplexing condition that negatively impacts their sex life. The answer could lie in the allergist’s office.


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